Project Management is a professional service which provides the comprehensive
direction of an entire construction undertaking where the PM firm serves as
an advocate for the Client. Pin Oak has the experience and staff to provide
a tailored PM program for any Project.

Project List

Project Management Plan An organizational approach (Project Manual) to the Client’s
Goals, Objectives, Procedures, Priorities & Performance Criteria for the
project to include:

Program Space Confirmation Reporting Relationships Budgets

Program Manual Cost Controls Schedules

Emergency Response Plan Document Control Bid Packs

Project Development Phase Identification of professional firms necessary to
carry out the program, administration of the process whereby all team members
(environmental, architectural, engineering and construction, etc.) are selected;
their duties, responsibilities and contractual duties quantified. Activities
in this phase include:

1) Budget/Schedule/Phasing requirements

2) Constructability of the contract documents

3) Sequence of contract packages to bid

4) Establish document control system

5) Interview, select and negotiate team member contracts

6) Governmental authority application(s)

Preconstruction Phase During this phase the PM enforces the schedule(s) with
continual monitoring and progress reporting.

1) Design charrettes to insure contract document compliance

2) Value engineering

3) Implementation of Emergency Response Plan

4) Design and contract bid packages

5) Pre-bid conferences

6) Evaluation of bids for completeness and conformance to documents

7) Site inspection for geological conditions

8) Reporting and recommendations

Construction Phase The PM coordinates the activities of the design team and
the contractor(s) and administration of the contract documents.

1) Supervision of the construction

2) Cost control- draw requests/complete to-date/GMP analysis

3) Quality control- contract compliance

4) Schedule (CPM) control

5) Change order management

6) Weekly job-site meetings and inspections

7) Utilities coordination

8) Start-up and commissioning - Punch list(s)

9) Move-in and equipment training

Post Construction Phase The PM collects and reviews all close-out submittals,
as-built drawings and attic stock material. Additionally, a final beneficial
occupancy report and contract audit is issued for the project. Warranty issues
and/or punch-list issues are addressed.
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