St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital Tropical Storm Allison
Location: Houston, Texas
Cost: $8.7 million
Completed: 2001
Owner: St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital
Jack Lynch (formerly)
(610) 526-3011
Manager: Pin Oak Interests
John Putnam
(713) 664-1255

St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital
Mike Reno (formerly)
(610) 526-8136
Architect: RTKL Architects

Wayne Barger
(214) 468-7712

Joe Nilles
(713) 838-9200
Description: Pin Oak Interests in conjunction with Linbeck Construction Company’s Denton A. Cooley Building “team” immediately set up a facilities command center. With wallboard and markers the team took a collaborative and comprehensive approach: identify all problems, normalize the situation, and monitor and attack the critical components. Bringing in temporary emergency generators and other equipment, the team began pumping water from the facility and restoring crucial systems.

Once critical care systems were stabilized, the team gave priority to restoring mechanical, electrical, and HVAC systems and obtaining re-certification for all services. Pin Oak Interests working with GE Electrical Systems developed an emergency website to monitor equipment and material deliveries that were being rushed in from across the nation to aid in the hospital rehabilitation. St. Luke’s Episcopal was the first hospital affected by this tragic event to fully re-open all affected areas and re-certify.
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