St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital Patient Care Center
Location: Houston, Texas
Cost: $425 million
Final budget not yet determined
Completed: In Precontsruction phase
Anticipated completion in June 2010
Owner: St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital
Mike Reno
(832) 355-6910
Manager: Pin Oak Interests
John Putnam
Richard Darrah
(713) 664-1255
Architect: RTKL Architects

Wayne Barger
(214) 468-7712

Joe Nilles
(713) 838-9200
Description: Project encompasses 740K SF for a new Patient Care Center and 330K SF of renovations and ancillary support. Project scope creates 190 new patient beds (private rooms), 12 operating rooms, PACU, CSPD, ancillary support, continuing education, food servery, N2 data center and Materials Management Area. The three below grade levels provide for an expanded Radiology Services Master Plan and additional on-site parking.
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