MD Anderson Cancer Center Proton Therapy Center
Location: Houston, Texas
Cost: $125 million
Completed: December 2004
Owner: The Styles Company
John Styles
(713) 874-1666
Manager: Pin Oak Interests
John Putnam & Rick Conley
(713) 664-1255
Architect: Tsoi/Kobus & Associates
Jim McMillen
(617) 491-3067
Description: The Proton Therapy Center Houston is dedicated to the clinical treatment of cancer tumors using moveable and fixed proton beams. The penetration depth of protons can be limited in order to avoid collateral damage of healthy cells. Equipment provided by Hitachi will generate the proton beam used in the treatment of the patients. The facility features a total of four treatment rooms— three rooms with the moveable beam and one room with a fixed beam.

Limited research will also occur in the facility. The project is very unique in that this is only the second facility of this type in the U.S., and a first for Hitachi in this country. The other facility is located at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

In addition to 16 treatment rooms, the facility will include a simulation suite with CT, PET/CT and MRI imaging capabilities, supporting the diagnostics necessary for the treatment of the patients.
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